Pasture  Buddies Club

121 Laurel Ave, Kingston, NJ 08528

(609) 921-8389

Every Friday, from 4PM-6PM during warmer months. 

Pasture Buddies is a program UNIQUE to Hasty Acres which offers equine knowledge to children and adults of any experience level, solely based on working with horses un-mounted.

This program is ideal for anyone with the eagerness to learn more about horses beyond riding in the saddle and is a great addition for anyone already enrolled in riding lessons here at Hasty Acres.

Students will be taught the basics of horsemanship and horse theory from the ground up. Tasks include learning about safety around horses, horse ownership, the nature and senses of the horse, horse care, tack, stable equipment, equine first aid, grooming, bathing, feeding, how to train a horse on the ground, watch riding demos, and MORE!